Week 54 - back in the Olympics and the most epic surprise wedding

August 5-11

What we learned this week:

1. Sluy’s danish donuts are the superior donuts.

I mean, I think we knew this already but DANG those donuts are good. We made sure to stop on our way to the Olympics this week because last time we were home we didn’t make the time! We’ve traveled across the country sampling donuts along the way, but these are still the best donuts in the world, hands down. If you come to Washington - Sluy’s in Poulsbo. You’ll thank me later! 

2. Even though we’re back home and google maps aren’t 100% necessary, it’s still good to verify you know where you’re going…

We decided to backpack Mount Townsend to start this week! While we’ve both hiked and ran it dozens of times between the two of us, we’d never backpacked it. We also had never added on the side trip to Silver Lakes so we were quite excited to see that as well! The road to the trailhead is fairly obvious, especially for someone who’s done it so many times! Unfortunately, there is another trailhead on the same road that I’ve also been to a dozen or so times. I had google maps open but when I saw the road to the OTHER trailhead, I thought for sure I had the right direction and turned off google maps before confirming it. 20 very bumpy potholed minutes later, we arrived at the Upper Big Quilcene trailhead. WRONG. I was so frustrated with myself and my total lack of direction, and also at the fact that this wasn’t the first time this has happened! But we made breakfast burritos and eventually made our way back to the correct trailhead. So, lesson learned, Google maps is still useful if you know the area, but have a less than ideal sense of direction. 

3. HOT DAMN wildflowers are on FIRE in the Olympics!

I have never seen the hillsides painted in the Olympics quite like they were this week. So much variety in colors and shapes and types, it was just amazing. Feeling so lucky for this summer of near constant wildflower season as we’ve traveled from south to north! 

4. Pink hair is the best. 

Went back to pink this week in preparation for the costume party surprise wedding! Every time I go back to pink it feels more and more like ME! Unfortunately, as I’m typing this less than 2 weeks later, it’s almost totally faded. Another lesson learned to add is that I’m obsessed with swimming in summertime and can not say no to an alpine lake, river, pool, etc and this semi permanent dye doesn’t do so well with so much water! I think pink might just become a winter staple for me! 

5. Forest Park in Portland makes me want to move to Portland (not really, but kinda)

On our way to Lyle for the wedding this week we stopped in Portland to wait for my friend Elly to fly in. We decided to check out Forest Park and were totally blown away by the access to so many amazingly beautiful trails SO close to the city! Thursday night we ran 3.5 beautiful miles and Friday morning we came back for another 6.5. We learned the Wildwood trail within the park goes more than 30 miles one way! Seriously, such beautiful trails, so many people out biking, hiking, and running, and lots of doggos to pet. Just so cool! If we ever move to Portland, being close to this park would be super high on the list!! 

6. Floating a muddy river is one of the funnier things I’ve ever done.

During the Lyle wedding weekend, all 45+ of us shuttled up to the Klikatat River for a float. The water looked pretty awful as there had been a storm the night before that washed everything out, but nothing could prepare us for just the level of diritiness we’d experience on this float. It was seriously just floating in mud. Everyone was coated instantly and watching everyone in the river was so hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time at the ridiculousness - what a fun time! Check out the photos below, they are so silly! 

7. Surprise weddings are the best kind of weddings! 

We spent the weekend celebrating our friends Erin and Tommy for their SURPRISE WEDDING! Let me explain how it went down. So, every year Erin and Tommy host this party at Erin’s dad’s place in Lyle, Washington. They’ve been doing it for probably 6 years or so now so all of their friends know to expect it! This year though, they decided to just get married at the party! The coolest part, though, is that over half of their guests had no idea it was happening. They told family and friends who needed to fly in to make sure that everyone could make it. Family is not usually invited so they called the party a 30th birthday party for Tommy to make sure no one got suspicious of all of the family in town. We had not planned on attending as we were thinking we’d still be in Alaska, but when Erin called a few months ago and told me they were going to get married, we for SURE had to make it happen. It was so fun being in on the secret and helping Erin get ready for it all. We had a blast at her bachelorette the night before the wedding, and the wedding itself was just perfect, so perfectly Erin and Tommy. We felt so lucky to be apart of it, and the photos Kyle took during the ceremony came out SO good. Cheers to many years of wedded bliss, Erin and Tommy! 

Where we’ve been this week: 

Backpacking Mount Townsend

Exploring Portland for a bit



Horse flies killed while backpacking this week: 0, those little buggers are quick! 

Miles hiked and ran: 30

Percentage of body coated in mud after the river: 100

Best reaction of someone surprised at the wedding upon seeing the ski arch and climbing rope aisle on the bluff: “Oh my gosh, I think Tommy is going to propose!” 

Number of photos Kyle took at the wedding: 500+!